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Welcome to the Open EM Warp Drive Development!

The Open EM Warp Drive Project is a Citizen Science Development project, where we openly try to research and develop an Open Source EM Warp Drive. Our first prototype goes under the codename: 'the Namalev Project'. We want all of humanity to openly be able to come together in a democratic way to have put the first human on a planet using Open Source Technology.

What is an EM Drive?

What is a Warp Drive? A Warp drive is a drive that can manipulate the spacetime farbic to move across the universe without actually moving itself. Instead you move the space around the vehicle. According to Einstein it is impossible to move faster than the speed of light for any object with mass, but if you move space itself you can have an effective velocity greater than the speed of light. This has actually happened in the past. One example of this is in the early moments after big bang, when the universe expanded faster than light. This could have been possible perhaps because it was the space itself which expanded, and not only the matter contained within this space.

How can I contribute?

To contribute, send an email about why you want to help and how you wish to contribute to our Project Manager andreas at


Founding team: Andreas Sjöstedt and Mikael Murstram. Mikael has a background in Theoretical Physics and Open Source Development. Andreas has a background in Physics as well as in Project Management and Leadership Consultancy.

About This Wiki

The Documentation for how to use and edit this webpage can be found at: documentation index. To contribute in our continuing of the setting up of the PmWiki, see initial setup tasks. The basic editing page describes how to create pages in PmWiki. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox. More information about PmWiki is available from

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